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Pain is traditionally thought of as a symptom of an underlying disease or injury. The preference is always to treat as best as possible any underlying problem that may be causing pain. Episodes of acute pain can often be effectively treated, but some pain can at times persist and become chronic. There are many diseases of the spine, joints, and other body systems that cannot be cured, and may lead to lasting changes in the nervous system. In these situations, many experts argue that chronic pain should be considered a disease in and of itself. Unlike acute pain, chronic pain usually does not subside, and may never be eliminated entirely. It often becomes a lifelong condition that must be carefully managed in order to minimize suffering and maximize physical functioning and quality of life.

Specialty pain care combines aspects of many medical and allied disciplines to address the long-term physical, emotional, and psychosocial aspects of chronic pain. Pain related-diagnoses often differ--but are complementary to--the disease states recognized and treated by other allied specialists, such as orthopedists, rheumatologists, neurologists, and surgeons. Our providers emphasize a multimodal approach to managing pain that includes physical therapy, home exercises, medications and supplements, interventional therapies, nutritional counseling, and targeted referrals to other specialists and complementary/alternative medicine providers.


At Anesis we listen to our patients to understand what is the underlying cause of their pain.

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