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Dr. Adam Burkey, M.D.

Tacoma/Olympia Office:
1628 South Mildred St. Suite 104
Tacoma, WA 98465

5 months ago

Dr. Burkey works miracles! Yesterday afternoon I had a cervical epidural. Even though I was told that the effects would be more felt in three days, so far today: I finally slept all night, I woke up without the constant headache I have dealt with since the auto accident, the top of my right shoulder is not hard and painful to the touch, pain in right arm is less. How awesome and wonderful! I am looking forward to getting a few more areas of injury taken care of pain wise and then hopefully there will just be maintenance pain care!

Please give Dr. Burkey a great big thank you from me.


Frank T. S.
10 months ago

About 5 months ago I was refered to the Anesis Oympia clinic for lower chronic back pain. They were very busy. Many people with chronic pain. After registering I met with the Dr. who went over a procedure of shots and numbing the nerves that were radiating the pain I have had for over 40 years. He told me they have good results with them, that could last up to a year. I was doubtful, but for relief, I would try anything. I can truly say that now, almost 4 months later, my lower back is virtually pain free! Just sitting used to cause agony after 30 minutes, driving for an hour, I could barely walk. I have been able to reduce the pain medication I take, (I do still have other joint pain) and walk more now, able to work in the yard and do more than I have in 10 years.

Thank you to the Dr.’s and wonderful staff at Olympia Anesis Pain Clinic!!

Frank T S

Linda C.
10 months ago

I’m a patient of Dr Burkeys, he’s a great Pain Dr. Doesn’t over prescribe medications for people. He genuinely cares for his patients and wants to get to know your issues. He is a very blunt Physician and tells it like it is. You have to follow through and keep to the pain contract that you signed on your first visit! He’s a by the book Physician, but he’s also compassionate! His job is to help people who are dealing with chronic pain and suffering, and he does this to the best of his ability. He will not sugar coat anything and if you aren’t following the contract you signed with him, he will call you out on it and need a legitimate reason for the situation! I really like Dr Burkey, because he has his patients best interest at heart. We need more Physicians like him. Cut and dried, no nonsense Physicians are few and far between. I would highly recommend Dr. Burkey, for your pain control needs.

Louise F.
1 year ago

I am so glad I came to the clinic. Dr. Burkey is very good at explaining options to provide the best pain relief. The staff is always friendly and professional. I need to give kudos to Travis also, he is very good at his job. Thanks again for helping me regain quality of life.

Lisa L.
1 year ago

I have been coming to the Tacoma location for just over 1 year. I was in a wheelchair when I first arrived. I had been in unbelievable pain for over a year. I was recommended the RFA treatment. I had two one on each side of my lower back, and the final one on the Sciatic Nerve on the left side. it took some recovery but I am walking and out of a wheelchair.
I wanted to thank Dr. Burkey for all of his guidance and skill. I will always be grateful for his patience in teaching me about Pain Mangement. Very few people have the opportunity to really understand what it means. I am not one for medications in general but I could no longer tolerate the amount of pain and the loss of my ability to walk.

Thank you Dr. Burkey !

Lisa L

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