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At Anesis we listen to our patients to understand what is the underlying cause of their pain


There are a wide variety of treatments we use, and after listening to the cause, we will give you our judgment on the best procedure to treat your pain.

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Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Pain is traditionally thought of as a symptom of an underlying disease or injury. The preference is always to treat as best as possible any underlying problem that may be causing pain. Episodes of acute pain can often be effectively treated, but some pain can at times persist and become chronic. There are many diseases of the spine, joints, and other body systems that cannot be cured, and may lead to lasting changes in the nervous system. In these situations, many experts argue that chronic pain should be considered a disease in and of itself. Unlike acute pain, chronic pain usually does not subside, and may never be eliminated entirely. It often becomes a lifelong condition that must be carefully managed in order to minimize suffering and maximize physical functioning and quality of life.

Dr. Adam Burkey, M.D.


Dr. Adam Burkey, M.D. is dedicated to providing his patients with the best possible care. Dr. Burkey’s focus is to bring a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach to the treatment of chronic pain that limits opioids and improves the functional quality of life. Dr. Burkey was raised outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Williams College and Georgetown University Medical School. Dr. Burkey spent more than seven years at UPenn and then opened his own private practice in 2011. In 2015, Dr. Burkey moved to the State of Washington and is now the Managing Partner of Pain Care Physicians, PLLC, and Medical Director of Anesis Spine & Pain Care.

Attending Physician

Dr. Adam Burkey, M.D

Dr. Burkey spent more than seven years at UPenn and then opened his own private practice in 2011. In 2015, Dr. Burkey moved to the State of Washington and is now the Managing Partner of Pain Care Physicians, PLLC and Medical Director of Anesis Spine & Pain Care.


Dr. Xi Chen, M.D.

Dr. Xi Chen received her medical degree from Norman Bethune University of Medical Sciences, China with Summa Cum Laude.  Later she completed her PhD at the Queen’s University UK and post-doctoral training at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School, Boston. Dr. Chen focused on stem cell biology and gene therapy.

Physician Assistant

Zachary Kile,

Zachary Kile PA-C comes to us after 25 years of multispecialty surgical and Interventional pain experience as an independent practitioner. He traveled the country for 12 years working and assisting in surgery some of the most respected Surgeons in their fields from Orthopedics, Neuro, Cardiothoracic, General surgery and Trauma.

Attending Physician

Dr. Ryan Burklund, M.D

Dr. Burklund completed a Pain Medicine fellowship at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, New Hampshire where he was trained in the most recent techniques in interventional pain management. He was also trained to utilize a multidisciplinary approach to personalized pain management in patients with a wide variety of pain syndromes.


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It’s always the word of mouth that’s the best advice. Here are some of our…
About 5 months ago I was referred to the Anesis Olympia clinic for lower chronic back pain. They were very busy. Many people with chronic pain. After registering I met with the Dr. who went over a procedure of shots and numbing the nerves that were radiating the pain I have had for over 40 years. He told me they have good results with them, which could last up to a year. I was doubtful, but for relief, I would try anything. I can truly say that now, almost 4 months later, my lower back is virtually pain-free! Just sitting used to cause agony after 30 minutes, driving for an hour, I could barely walk. I have been able to reduce the pain medication I take, (I do still have other joint pain) and walk more now, able to work in the yard, and do more than I have in 10 years. Thank you to the Dr.’s and wonderful staff at Olympia Anesis Pain Clinic!

Dr. Burkey works miracles! Yesterday afternoon I had a cervical epidural.
Even though I was told that the effects would be more felt in three days, so far today: I finally slept all night, I woke up without the constant headache I have dealt with since the auto accident, the top of my right shoulder is not hard and painful to the touch, pain in the right arm is less. How awesome and wonderful!
I am looking forward to getting a few more areas of injury taken care of pain wise and then hopefully there will just be maintenance pain care!

Wonderful people, staff and doctors. Always professional yet personable. Dr Burklund is awesome! Only downfall…calling to make appt in spokane you get seattle area and they make your appt for spokane office. I have found they are usually always rude. Last time I called for an appt the man answering called me a liar. He didn’t think I was me because there was an echo on my phone. Finally I was able to talk to a supervisor, she apologized and made my appt….weird. But love them at spokane office!!!!

I had a pretty serious scare with my back. I’ll avoid the long details and just get the point. The doctors at Anesis got my nerve pain under control so I was able to do physical therapy and get moving again. Dr. Chen here is amazing. She cares about what is best for her patients and wants to see progress. I’m so appreciative!

 I had my first visit here today. The receptionist was a sweetheart very helpful and inviting. Dr. Brad is awesome I had a bad L4 S1 fusion he took the time with me to go over what options I have I couldn’t have been treated any better by people which had never met me before today. I highly recommend Anesis spine and pain care and Dr.Brad.

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