Physician Assistant

Brad Goldworm, PA

Olympia Office:
155 Lilly Road NE
Olympia, WA 98506

6 months ago

Dr. Brad, Is the heart. He listens and navigates each client’s individual need. Very astute, professional, easy to talk to. His recommendations have helped me immeasurably!

Bill R.
10 months ago

You guys have administered life-changing therapy. When I came in I had been suffering from very painful sciatica for a year or so.I could not walk without intense pain in my left leg. I went to an orthopedic surgeon in the area and of course he recommended surgery. It did absolutely nothing but cost money and time. I finally found you guys and WOW you fixed me! Yesterday I took my dog for an hour and a half walk. THANK YOU!

Laura R.
1 year ago

I have osteoporosis in my left femur going into my left hip and in my spine from L1 to L5. I also suffer from bulge disc in my lower back and I have a fractured in L3 in my back, and i havd had 3 back surgeried. I also have a nerve pain down both my legs in my groin my right leg goes completely numb into my right foot. Today I seen the nurse practitioner Brad G. He once again refused to fill my prescription for my pain medication for the 2nd time, and wanted another urine from me, because they decected trace amount of medication not on my current list. I used it One time to help me stretch out my pain medication till i got to my appointment here which I find highly unusual. They were only interested in trying to push injections shots on me which I cannot have and do not want I have refused multiple times to them and that’s how they make their money in these pain clinics especially this one . I told him the last time I had a steroid injection was last October it lasted for one day so why do you think these other numbing injections are going to do for me they will not be beneficial to me and I do not want any more needle stuck in my back since that’s what gave me the osteoporosis was steroid injections for my doctor that I did this is abuse the system trusted. That doctor gave me over 60 injections inside three and a half years and that’s how I contracted osteoporosis. So do you think you would trust another doctor to stick a needle in your back knowing that’s how you got the osteoporosis was cuz you trusted a doctor no not me and I told him that today and it was like I was talking to a brick wall to. He did not want to hear what I had to say. have never been treated like a drug seeker my pain is real I brought in proof of my pain. I brought in my bone density report, MRI reports and the CD’s with my MRI Report to prove that my pain is real, but this so-called nurse practitioner has the worst bedside manner I’ve ever experienced in my life. He refused to help me refuse to keep me on the same medication , he said that I’ve only been receiving my pain meds for one month and I repeatedly told him more than once during our one sided conversation today that I am new here to the state of Washington I just moved here from California and it was like I was talking to a brick wall and that’s exactly what I said to him and he finally looked up from his computer at me. To me this person does not deserve to be in the medical field he does not listen to the patient’s needs and tries to work with them he told me that I have to wait another 4 weeks! For me to get my pain medication. I will run out of my pain medication way before then and he could care less about that. He told me to seek my pain medication from my Primary doctor. I told him that my Primary doctor already filled it and said it was a one time deal. The nurse practitioner saud to me at the pain clinic, your Primary doctor will fill it .i said back to him did you not hear what i said . He could careless. He said that’s how we work things here. Cone back in 4 weeks and walked out of the room . I will never ever recommend this Clinic to anybody because of the Care so-called that they give here.

Michael N.
1 year ago

I don’t know what you people are thinking. I had my first visit here today. The receptionist was a sweetheart very helpful and inviting. Dr. Brad is awesome I had a bad L4 S1 fusion he took the time with me to go over what options I have I couldn’t have been treated any better by people which had never met me before today. I highly recommend Anesis spine and pain care and Dr.Brad.

Wendy T.
2 years ago

First visit today. Staff is friendly. Brad is great in helping manage my pain meds. I had a nice experience and would recommend them to anyone seeking help in this area.

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