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Karl Sembroski, PA

Tacoma Office:
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Ingrid S.
10 months ago

I’ve seen many detrimental reviews,and don’t participate in this nonsensical rhetoric. Yet,I would make known the crushing scrutiny facing all pain providers these times. As there be some,in any situation that have,do,and will,abuse whatsoever it be, let us be most grateful that these caring providers would even STILL take on those of us benefitting with a quality of life otherwise fearful to other medical professionls,which refuse treatment in continual angst of scrutinization from medical board, so that all which DO have serious,ongoig issues,need to hail this clinic and all it’s providers.They put patient care above all they have so long worked and studied for.Let,s respect and be thankful for the care this clinic STILL provides. I,for one,HATE any dependence upon anything other that my deep-held spiritual belief. Yet,without the care of Anesis, functionality of my life would be most horrific. Thanks to all you at Anesis for caring for the patients. Again, cannot thank them enough!

Trinity R.
1 year ago

I was blessed to find this place when I first moved here. Dr. Burkey and Dr. Sembroski are the best. Dr. Burkey does the procedures and he really knows the human body. He was the one that finally found out what was wrong with me. The Doctors in Tn. never could. I had so many MRI’s and shots and other procedures and still no answer that was right, as I found out here. That is a true blessing!!! Dr. Sembroski gives the meds, some shots and is supper sweet. He has a very gentle manner. If you are looking for a place that can treat you with respect, take great care of you, and has the doctors that can figure out your pain problem, come here. Good luck!!!

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